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Khalil Mack had a great season — but he plays one position.

He never got around to being smart. Burfict kept on crushing opposing players and drawing personal fouls every step of the way. Even in practice, Burfict was a problem.

“There were more practice fights in Vontaze’s years than I’ve seen in (current coach) Todd Graham’s entire four years at ASU,” Chris Karpman of Sun Devil Source told the Press Enterprise in January. “I think in the first week after he’d been cleared academically as a freshman, he was in a fight every day of practice that following week.”

Sporting News dubbed Burfict “The Meanest Man in College Football” in 2011, but Erickson was forced to bench the linebacker a few times — sometimes unsuccessfully.

“I know one thing,” Oregon State coach Mike Riley told Sporting News. “Somebody is taking a blow every play (Burfict is) on the field.”

A 15-yard penalty was given to Adam “Pacman” Jones in the chaos that followed, and the Steelers hit a chip shot to win. Burfict was suspended three games for the hit that concussed Brown and knocked him out of the Steelers’ next playoff game.

Collins: Khalil Mack had a great season — but he plays one position. I’m all over the field. And he only had, what, 11 sacks, 5 forced fumbles and 1 touchdown? I’m making sacks, tackles for losses, forced fumbles and interceptions.

I had 89 carries for 1,200-plus yards as a senior, but I only played running back that one year. I just played it because my team wanted me to. When I got to high school, I was supposed to be a running back. But Eddie Lacy was our starter [at Louisiana’s Dutchtown High], so I wasn’t touching the ball. If things Texans Cheap Jerseys didn’t work out at Soccer Cheap Jerseys DB, yes, I would’ve been a running back in the NFL.