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This has been a mess for them.

First, Sanchez only has 13 home runs! He missed three weeks of in April with a strained biceps, which makes his 13-homer total all the more impressive.

That Sanchez is a Yankee surely helps his status and popularity. That is without question. But really, the only reason we all know about Sanchez IS BECAUSE HE HIT A BUNCH OF HOME RUNS.

Let’s remember last year, when Sanchez joined the Yankees on Aug. 3, and all he did was hit 20 home runs in 52 games.

From last year’s All-Star break to present, Sanchez has 34 home runs in 450 plate appearances. Morrison has 28 home runs in 416 PA.

Sanchez tied a major league record for reaching 20 career home runs faster than anybody. That mark has since been broken by Los Angeles Dodgers rookie Cody Bellinger, who was invited to this year’s Home Run Derby.

Prospects, certainly. But, also, peace of mind. This has been a mess for them.

The A’s philosophy hearkens back to the old Branch Rickey quote, which is roughly “Better to trade a player a year too early than a year too late.” Trading their best players with years of team control is how they got Dan Haren for Mark Mulder, and it’s how they got Carlos Gonzalez and Brett Anderson for Haren.

Then they traded Anderson for Drew Pomeranz, whom they traded for Cheap Team Basketball Jerseys Yonder Alonso, who will bring back a prospect or three this deadline. This trade chain will live forever, and the point is that it’s an organizational philosophy to look the future, cheap seasons of a good player as Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale something that enhances the value for another team, not the A’s.

Greg Bird hasn’t had much time to play this year while dealing with injuries

The Yankees have seen their first basemen hit .208/.295/.391 in 2017, good for a positionally adjusted OPS+ of 64. In layman’s terms: They are bad at first base. The Yankees recently cut loose Chris Carter, but Carter has led the club in playing time at first, and batted .201/.284/.370 in the process. This is probably a good time to remind you that the thing Carter usually does well is hit, and he has to, because he’s one of the worst defensive players in baseball.

Greg Bird hasn’t had much time to play this year while dealing with injuries, and now the 24-year-old first baseman will miss the rest of 2017 recovering from ankle surgery. So, with Carter out of the picture and Bird not coming back to save the day, there’s a void for Alonso to fill whether he’s the version of himself that crushes baseballs or just the one that doesn’t embarrass himself or his team at the plate or in the field.

The Yankees are giving up too much offense as a team, as they’re also struggling to produce at third base (where Chase Headley and Friends have been significantly worse than average) and in center field whenever Jacoby Ellsbury is the one patrolling it. Getting Alonso to stop the bleeding at first would go a long way toward rectifying that, and also help the Yankees move past losing Michael Pineda in their rotation for the rest of 2017.

Another option for the Red Sox’s infield woes is Giants standout Cheap Jarome Iginla Jerseys Eduardo Nu?ez, and while the reports of that possible deal might be a smoke screen for Cheap Jerseys And Snapbacks another potential trade with another team, he would still very much make sense in Boston. Cleveland reportedly has an eye on him as well.

Pablo Sandoval is back with the Giants and went on a mini apology tour

Pablo Sandoval, the former Giants third baseman, became a Giant once again on Saturday. After being released by the Red Sox on Wednesday, he inked a minor league deal with his very first team and made his debut with the San Jose Giants on Saturday night. But that also means that Sandoval spent most of his Saturday eating a giant slice of humble pie. See, when he left the Giants in 2014 to sign a five-year, $95 million contract with the Red Sox, he didn’t leave on the best terms. He said that the Giants disrespected him and his agent, and he wanted to leave so badly that he actually left money on the table in San Francisco to sign in Boston.

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I’ll go out on a limb and predict how this trade will go: O’Neill will hit 40 home runs for the Cardinals and make at least three All-Star teams, whereas Gonzales will confuse the Mariners and miss extended stretches of time while the team screws up around him. This is not based on scouting or stats or logic of any kind. This is based on the Cardinals being the Cardinals, and the Mariners being the Mariners.

The worst part is that Mariners fans won’t even send me angry emails for writing that. They know. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, we’re in a post-Cubs world, in which curses are a devalued currency. Gonzales has always impressed me, and he could be a low-cost fit for the Mariners rotation for years. In theory, I think this is a great trade for both sides, with both teams turning a logjam into a fix for the current Cheap Ireland Football Jerseys roster.

In practice, I don’t trust either of these teams, but in very Cheap Ice Hockey Jerseys different ways. Be vigilant, friends.

Michael Pineda is probably leaving the Yankees the same way he joined them: Injured

News broke on Friday that Michael Pineda, the Yankees’ right-hander who has an 8-4 record with a 4.39 ERA at the halfway point, is most likely heading for Tommy John Surgery with a partially torn UCL. While it wouldn’t be impossible for Pineda to rehab without undergoing surgery — and he is getting a second opinion before making a final decision — things aren’t looking great for the 28-year old.

Calhoun was a top-100 prospect heading into 2017, on the back-end of that list. However, as a 22-year-old at Triple-A this season, Calhoun has batted .298/.357/.574, which is impressive even for the high-offense PCL. As he’s a better hitter than defender — Calhoun plays second, left, and DH — the move to both high-offense Texas and a league with a DH could be great for him and his production. That being said, his time in Triple-A, in spite of his youth, did not move him into Baseball Prospectus’ mid-season top-50 prospects list, so he wasn’t one of the very best Dodgers’ prospects.

Calhoun wasn’t the only prospect, of course. Alexy is a 19-year-old righty who has struck out 10.5 batters per nine innings in Low-A this year as a starter. He walks too many batters, but those strikeouts at that age are maybe more than a lottery ticket, especially in that role. Davis is also just 19, but in High-A the infielder has struggled to contribute much at the plate at that level. He’s projectable and has tools, though, so there is potential here even if it’s hard to see at the moment.

It’s not a package that will blow you away for Darvish, but Darvish is only a rental here. Getting Calhoun and still having the ability to sign Darvish back to the Rangers this winter is a win for Texas, and the Dodgers have themselves Cheap Goalie Jerseys Soccer another pitcher to rely on in the postseason, which is both new and Cheap Heat Jerseys exciting for them.

The Rays will continue Curtis Granderson’s ‘We Follow Lucas Duda’ tradition

For two years, the Mets’ Curtis Granderson had been running an Instagram account called “wefollowlucasduda.” As the name suggests, Granderson puts up posts where he follows Lucas Duda, whether he’s in the locker room, on TV, or in a throwback photo. On July 27, the Mets traded Duda to the Rays, which subsequently put Granderson’s Duda fan account in jeopardy of being obsolete.

And while negotiations went on, Sergio Romo — who was also traded to the Rays recently — posted what was essentially his audition video for taking the reins on Granderson’s account. He’s ready to mess around with him on the regular.

Naming a stingray and free Rays tickets for charity? That’s a sweet deal. Duda and Granderson had a sad (but also funny) farewell, but it ended on a happy note, and it was all because everyone rallied around the idea of keeping the tradition of messing with Lucas Duda on Instagram.

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Joining the players on stage for induction on Sunday will be a couple of executives in Bud Selig and John Schuerholz. The former was the longtime commissioner who has a mixed bag that includes expansion and the Wild Card on the positive side of things Custom Cheap Jerseys and that whole steroid era thing on the negative side, among others. Schuerholz China Cheap Jerseys was a longtime general manager in the league with the 90s Braves being his greatest achievement. Still, it’ll be the players who hog the spotlight today, as it should be. Coverage from Cooperstown will start at noon on MLB Network.

Ex-49ers CB Tramaine Brock cleared in domestic violence case, report says

A felony domestic violence charge against former 49ers cornerback Tramaine Brock has been dismissed due to lack of evidence, NFL Media reported Wednesday.

Brock was arrested April 6 in Santa Clara, Calif., after police responded to a report of a domestic violence incident. A news release from police at the time said officers found a female with visible injuries and arrested Brock.

The 49ers released him the following day, and he has remained unsigned. That figures to change now that the case has been dropped.

Brock, who turns 29 next weekend, started at corner for the 49ers the last two seasons, recording four interceptions.

America’s most famous black father transformed from sitcom comedian to social critic, attempting to mix a message of the essentials of black empowerment with his disgust of black America’s perceived bottom rung. The Pound Cake Speech was heralded as a manifesto. But it was the same respectability that Vick offered, just in a different format.

These people, the ones up here in the balcony fought so hard, Cosby said. Looking at the incarcerated, these are not political criminals. These are people going around stealing Coca-Cola. People getting shot in the back of the head over a piece of pound cake! Then we all run out and are outraged, ‘The cops shouldn’t have shot him.’ What the hell was he doing with the pound cake in his hand?

It’s this bombast, the type from Cosby, of Vick, of more, that Cheap China NFL Jerseys pushes forward the fallacy of respectability. The assumption that Cheap College Jerseys better actions can equal better treatment is foolish. It shifts responsibility from the oppressor to the oppressed, meaning institutions profiting from racism are never to blame.

Judge will not quash arrest warrant for John Bowlen, son of Broncos owner

John Bowlen continues to find himself in trouble.

The son of Broncos owner Pat Bowlen was arrested Sunday on DUI charges in California, which violated his parole from a domestic violence conviction in 2016.

We are very pleased that we were able to get this extension done, general Cheap Bike Jerseys manager Thomas Dimitroff said in a news release. Devonta embodies everything we are looking for in a Falcon, and we are proud that he’ll be able to Cheap Blue Jays Jerseys spend his career here in Atlanta.

Freeman, 25, rushed for 1,079 yards last season with 11 touchdowns. He was selected in the fourth round out of Florida State in 2014.

This is where I’ve always wanted to be, Freeman said. I want to thank Mr. Blank, Thomas and Coach (Dan) Quinn for all of their support. I feel extremely blessed, but the work and grind are just beginning.

Freeman has missed just one game in three seasons and is also an accomplished pass-catcher with 157 receptions in his career, including a high of 73 in 2015.

Carr, who was sidelined for last season’s opening-round playoff loss to Houston because of a broken leg, discussed his NFL future and the state of the 2017 Raiders during a SiriusXM NFL Radio interview Monday with co-host Gil Brandt and me.

Coming off your leg injury, how long did it take you to feel like Derek Carr once again?

However, those three backs selected in the first round the past two seasons provide a strong argument in favor of spending on an elite runner. Todd Gurley regressed hard in one of the most notable sophomore slumps in recent history, but remains the Rams’ only real offensive threat. Elliott was a key factor in the Cowboys’ resurgence. Melvin Gordon overcame a slow start with the Chargers to be a Pro Bowl back.

Johnny Manziel interested in coaching if NFL career stays dormant

Johnny Manziel will likely sit out the 2017 NFL season, something that has prompted him to think about his future.

The former Browns quarterback was asked at the International Football Betting Conference in Costa Rica what he would do if his NFL career was over.

According to the 2016 remittance policy, with three players suspended, the Cowboys would be fined 25 percent of the base salary the players will lose while suspended — which translates to roughly $91,000.

However, three more Cowboys possibly are facing suspensions: Ezekiel Elliott, Nolan Carroll and Damien Wilson. That, according to, could bring the league-levied fine to $500,000, the maximum under NFL rules.

Last year, the Cowboys were fined the max $500,000 for the NFL’s suspensions of Rolando McClain, Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence.

In an effort to prevent teams from acquiring players who have violated league rules, the NFL created the remittance policy, which fines the team a player is with and not necessarily the one he played for when he violated the rules (Moore’s suspension, for example, is a result of violating the league’s substance-abuse policy when he was with the Seahawks).

It was corny, with verbiage like despite our repeated attempts and we accept his decision to try to make him out to be the bad guy. Yet coming from Washington, it’s Basketball Jerseys For Sale not all that surprising.

Aside from that, the deal wasn’t good enough for Cousins to tell Cheap NFL Jerseys Paypal himself that he couldn’t do better.’s Tom Pelissero pointed out, taking that offer would’ve meant gaining about $29 million and one year’s security in exchange for giving [Washington] his rights through 2022 (and preserving their option to bail any time after 2018, barring injury). That’s an easy pass if you’re Cousins.

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis to resume duties after health issue

Marvin Lewis’ absence from the Bengals’ training camp was short-lived.

The longtime Cincinnati coach will resume his duties and coach his team during Friday’s preseason opener against Tampa Bay, the team announced Wednesday.

The video also referenced Tom Brady’s jersey theft from the Super Bowl, which is where Marshawn Lynch comes into the picture. The kids in the video deliver Brady’s stolen jersey to Lynch, allowing them to play in his pool.

Macklemore inlcuded this because he’s a huge Seahawks fan, and of course New England took down the Seattle franchise in the Super Bowl 49. That big game was right after the Deflategate game, so there will always be some animosity held towards the Patriots from Seahawks fans.

Also, Seattle should have given Marshawn the ball at the goal line.

The head coach has been an icon of success in Foxborough, turning a rudderless franchise into one of the NFL’s greatest dynasties. In 17 seasons with the team, he’s won 14 AFC East titles, seven AFC crowns, and five Super Bowls. He’s had the opportunity to coach surefire Hall of Famers like Tom Brady and Randy Moss, along with potential enshrinees like Richard Seymour, Ty Law, Vince Wilfork, Rob Gronkowski, Wes Welker, Logan Mankins, and Corey Dillon along the way.

That success has bred contempt outside of New England. The Patriots’ postseason familiarity and ability to court controversy has made their losses cherished memories for non-Pats fans. Last week, I rattled through the 10 most painful defeats for the legendary coach — which happen to be the happiest losses for schadenfreude-hungry haters.

It’s only fair to examine the other side of that coin. The Baseball Jerseys Cheap Patriots have won 226 games in his storied tenure, with only one losing season in the bunch. That’s Aston Villa Cheap Jerseys a lot of success to sort through, but here are the 10 most important victories of New England’s Belichick era to date.

Watch: Aaron Rodgers shows off his arm with ridiculous throw at training camp

There’s plenty of video evidence out there to show that Aaron Rodgers has a one-of-a-kind arm and ability to throw an accurate deep ball. Our favorite? Rodgers’ Hail Mary 65-yard throw that almost hit the Ford Field roof on a last-second TD pass to beat the Lions in 2015.

But if you need yet more evidence of his right arm, here’s a video that has surfaced of the Packers quarterback pulling a nifty stunt in training camp.

Rodgers’ nonchalant reaction shows that this pass was nothing special to him, but you could tell from the excited reaction of those watching the event this might be something they’ll tell their grandchildren about someday when they tell the tale of Aaron Rodgers.

That’s tough love, but that was an important time for me because it showed me that the game is not necessarily about how it’s dealt to you, it’s how you respond to it.

Jones, a man who already has done enough for the NFL to earn his spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, still refuses to quit. Now he hopes his sharing of a new facility will start another trend.

The point is it tangibly links the two together, Jones said. It really is a great example of how professional football can be a big facilitator to the success of amateur sports. You literally can have a quarterback of a high school team walk out there and basically see and maybe get a conversation with Dak Prescott, who’s walking off the field after practice.

Of course, for a man who’s worth more than $5 billion, looking Cheap NFL Jerseys USA beyond The Star’s wow factor is easy.

It’s not as easy for anybody else on the planet.

The Star is a modern football castle. It’s as much of a Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys Cowboys museum as it is the Cowboys’ mansion. Even if Jones chooses not to admit it, the place is a football masterpiece.