Bengals coach Marvin Lewis to resume duties after health issue

Marvin Lewis’ absence from the Bengals’ training camp was short-lived.

The longtime Cincinnati coach will resume his duties and coach his team during Friday’s preseason opener against Tampa Bay, the team announced Wednesday.

The video also referenced Tom Brady’s jersey theft from the Super Bowl, which is where Marshawn Lynch comes into the picture. The kids in the video deliver Brady’s stolen jersey to Lynch, allowing them to play in his pool.

Macklemore inlcuded this because he’s a huge Seahawks fan, and of course New England took down the Seattle franchise in the Super Bowl 49. That big game was right after the Deflategate game, so there will always be some animosity held towards the Patriots from Seahawks fans.

Also, Seattle should have given Marshawn the ball at the goal line.

The head coach has been an icon of success in Foxborough, turning a rudderless franchise into one of the NFL’s greatest dynasties. In 17 seasons with the team, he’s won 14 AFC East titles, seven AFC crowns, and five Super Bowls. He’s had the opportunity to coach surefire Hall of Famers like Tom Brady and Randy Moss, along with potential enshrinees like Richard Seymour, Ty Law, Vince Wilfork, Rob Gronkowski, Wes Welker, Logan Mankins, and Corey Dillon along the way.

That success has bred contempt outside of New England. The Patriots’ postseason familiarity and ability to court controversy has made their losses cherished memories for non-Pats fans. Last week, I rattled through the 10 most painful defeats for the legendary coach — which happen to be the happiest losses for schadenfreude-hungry haters.

It’s only fair to examine the other side of that coin. The Baseball Jerseys Cheap Patriots have won 226 games in his storied tenure, with only one losing season in the bunch. That’s Aston Villa Cheap Jerseys a lot of success to sort through, but here are the 10 most important victories of New England’s Belichick era to date.

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