LeBron caught everyone napping on an inbounds pass.

Love ends the half with 22 points (seven 3-pointers). Kyrie Irving has 17. LeBron only has eight, but it doesn’t matter. This has the feel of a January game, and the Celtics are playing for the fourth time in five nights.

over two defenders for a LeBron layup.

Boston cuts Cleveland’s lead to 47-38 just past the midway point of the second. Maybe we’ll have a game?

Crowder has three fouls and Amir Johnson’s shoulder hurts. When it rains, it pours. Oh, and LeBron caught everyone napping on an inbounds pass.

But of all the issues listed here, turnovers figure to be among the easiest for the Cavs to fix.

They won’t have 20 turnovers next game,” Warriors guard Klay Thompson said, via the New York Daily News.

Transition defense. The Cavs were outscored in transition, 26-10. They didn’t hustle back on defense a lot, and they often chose to guard Golden State’s 3-point shooters and ignore Kevin Durant as he drove down the middle of the lane for an uncontested dunk.

Said Lue, “It’s a different dynamic when you have Kevin Durant pushing the ball in transition and you have Steph and Klay on the wings.”

On Saturday morning’s SportsCenter, ESPN analyst P.J. Carlesimo pointed out several instances where the Cavaliers were outhustled on Warriors fast breaks.

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