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All of those things are fine for Ball on the court, but it’s an odd look off of it.

Right or wrong, people who watched him last night and people who are waking up to Ball’s performance are talking about how he did it in Nikes.

Lonzo Ball is under a microscope, thanks largely to his outspoken father. People will talk about whatever he says or does, and they’ll always talk about the Big Baller Brand. That can be a great thing — as long as he’s wearing the ZO2.

When he’s not, people will say he made the wrong decision by moving independently instead of with an established brand. And it becomes even more of an issue when he’s wears one of those rival brands. .

Ball will sport the ZO2s again. He’ll have big performances in them on a higher stage. But at least until his next big game, people are going to talk about how he should have signed with Nike.

Greg Monroe is an option there for the Knicks and he’s on an expiring deal. Rose is looking for a solid eight-figure deal at this point, and at the going rate for point guards this offseason, he’s right to do so. The only question for the Bucks is whether he’s worth the hassle in giving up some of their depth moving forward.

The basketball fit in Milwaukee makes no sense. Dellavedova struggled with his health last season, but they’re still paying him and he can be productive when he Cheap Vintage Jerseys plays. Brogdon will be their starter moving forward and is a great fit next to Giannis Antetokounmpo. Rose can’t shoot and would take possessions away from their best player.

This is about money and all parties involved Cheap USA Soccer Jerseys know it. The only question is whether Rose can play his cards right.