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Dante Fowler Jr.’s apparent turnaround a byproduct of Jaguars’ defensive arrival

The Jaguars defense has come of age.

So, too, has Dante Fowler Jr.

The 23-year-old Fowler, who publicly apologized following the offseason arrest in St. Petersburg, believes the on-field struggles he experienced in 2016 were from lifestyle choices as much as they were from returning from the knee injury that wiped out his entire rookie season.

“When I first came in, I was just happy to be able to call myself an NFL player, just settling for it, being able to say, กฎI made it,'” Fowler told co-host Bill Polian and me Tuesday night on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I really didn’t know what a pro was at that time, how to handle your business and get stuff done. Things weren’t going the way I wanted them to go last year. I felt like some of the reasons were because of some of my personal issues not handling my business the right way.”

But my favorite line that I can remember is a dumb one. We were in the writer’s room for “Married … With Children” and we were doing a scene between Al and Griff (who worked at the show store with him). It was an insult-off, each of them going back and forth with each other, each insult more outrageous than the last. And we couldn’t get out of it, because the lines were so good it led to this point where you couldn’t go past and we couldn’t just end it. We were so stumped, especially since there are only so many insults you can use.

Tanking with the intention of grabbing one player as opposed to the intention of acquiring a pick that you’ll trade for several players also reduces the risk that comes with trading up. Teams that make these sort of massive tradeups often come to regret the move; while the Super Cheap Jerseys Rams and Eagles feel good about Goff and Wentz right now, similar trades for Robert Griffin III and Ryan Leaf turned out to be colossal mistakes. If you’re not going to draft a quarterback, it’s Top Cheap Jerseys usually going to be better for you to get three cracks at drafting players than just one.

New Orleans is backed into a corner right now

Williams: “We had three lifting sessions that you’d be assigned to one. He would go in and lift in all three sessions. One time Gibbs brought me into his office and pointed to Sean an hour before practice jogging laps around the field and working on footwork drills. I said, ‘Coach, I knew this.’ … He thinks he’s doing it when no one else is watching.

The Saints essentially are back to square one, having to find a way to build a team around a 40-year-old QB by moving around cap numbers and hoping their GM has the magic touch in the draft and with his free agents.

New Orleans is backed into a corner right now, but doing the same things it has been doing will not work. The Saints need radical changes, and those kinds of changes are hard for organizations to make.

But if the Saints ever want to get out of their seven-win rut, they need to make those changes next year, even if it means somebody other than Brees behind center.

The Saints are in a need of a major overhaul if they plans to return to Super Bowl contender status. That overhaul needs to include the general manager, head coach and, potentially, quarterback Drew Brees.

Brees is the greatest player in Saints history, but can the team really afford to commit three years of big salary to a 39-year-old QB in the midst of a rebuild? Would Brees, whose prime years have been wasted by the Saints’ front office, even want to return?

The Saints over the last few years have struggled to build a competent team around Brees. Since their peak from 2009-11, in which they won 37 games and a Super Bowl, the Saints Cheap Jerseys Online China have won more than seven games in a season just once (2013). This year, they Cheap Jerseys Paypal Free Shipping might not reach seven wins for the first time since Brees signed with them in 2006.

Las Vegas Sheriff: ‘They did what they were trained to do’ in Michael Bennett incident

After some controversy as to why Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett was stopped by police officers in Las Vegas, Sheriff Joe Lombardo told reporters on Friday that the officers had reasonable suspicion to stop the NFL player in August.

Detroit’s Matthew Stafford was the first rookie with five touchdown passes in 2009, something matched by Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston in 2015.

“As I said, whatever we can do to help out, I think it would be greatly appreciated,” Rivera said to The Charlotte Observer. “[They need] food, water and electricity right now. Those that don’t have generators are really struggling up there. Getting fresh water and food obviously is the other concern, and then fuel for the generators and stuff like that.”

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló announced that 97 percent of the U.S commonwealth’s 3.4 million residents were still without power Wednesday, one week after Hurricane Maria hit the island.

“This hat represents Team Puerto Rico, which my daughter played on the Pan American team and the Pan Am games were in Puerto Rico,” said Rivera. “I just thought it would be fitting. I did make a donation. Ric Elias is raising funds and his goal is to reach $10 million. It’s Cheap Hockey Jerseys Custom very dire there and tremendous to have the support of the people. Those that don’t have generators are really struggling and not getting much water. Food is the other Cheap Ice Hockey Jerseys concern, as well as fuel for the generators.”

Rivera’s father is from the island of Puerto Rico. This summer, Rivera and his father visited his family’s homestead where his grandfather and his family farmed.

The 49ers offense and Brian Hoyer went from absentees to explosive against the Rams.

Both teams may have found themselves offensively last week, the Rams maxing out against the 49ers and the Cowboys snapping out of their season-long funk in Arizona. Both have vulnerable defenses, but the Rams will keep getting the benefit of the doubt because of Aaron Donald. AT&T Stadium would be a heck of a place for Jared Goff to fully announce his presence.

Don’t buy it quite yet, at least not against the Cardinals, who are better defensively than they looked at times against the Cowboys. Carson Palmer is capable of being the good version of himself long enough to handle this.

It was a play we just dialed up this week. That’s one of those special plays where you’re like, ‘Alright we’re practicing it but are we gonna run it?’. We dialed it up, ran it. I yelled out to Ted, …Ted had the jet motion…and I told him to go fast because I knew they would kinda bite down on him. So he went fast and perfect pitch from Drew and we got in the end zone.

Brian Orakpo (Tennessee Titans OLB #98) – “Osackpo” had a quiet game by his standards against the Texans and their patchwork offensive line this past Sunday (five tackles in the 57-14 loss). Next up for the Titans will be the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins’ offensive line Cheap Baseball Jerseys China has been substandard (again) to start this season. The Dolphins have failed to open up running Cheap Blank Hockey Jerseys lanes and protect QB Jay Cutler while he’s in the pocket. If playing at home for the first time all season isn’t the tonic the Dolphins need, Orakpo should be able to have his way against the Miami tackles on Sunday.

Andrew Luck will return to practice for the Colts, ‘slowly start working’ back in

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck will return to practice this week, general manager Chris Ballard said on Indianapolis radio station WFNI-1070 AM on Monday.

The first 30 minutes featured 11 penalties and, after seeing the Jaguars blowout the Ravens last week, London fans must be wondering why so many underwhelming contests find their way across the pond.

They at least finally had a touchdown to cheer when Drew Brees hit Michael Thomas for a three-yard touchdown pass, the Saints starting the second half with an 11-play 77-yard drive.

Lutz nailed a 45-yarder and the Saints would have had a great chance to all but end the game as a contest had they recovered a Cutler fumble after he was stripped by Cameron Jordan.

It mattered not as the dagger came with 3:57 remaining courtesy of an Alvin Kamara touchdown. The Dolphins dropped to 1-2, raising further questions about their offense and the decision to invest in a $10 million one-year rental of Cutler.

Fox split the baby, televising the national anthem before the Cheap NFL Jerseys USA Saints-Dolphins game in London but not showing it during regional games.

“As we have in previous broadcasts of NFL games from London, Fox Cheap Authentic NBA Jerseys will show the national anthem as well as ‘God Save the Queen’ live,” according to spokesman Eddie Motl. “As is standard procedure, regionalized coverage of NFL games airing on Fox this Sunday will not show the national anthem live; however, our cameras are always rolling and we will document the response of players and coaches on the field.”

Derek Carr returns to practice for Raiders after back injury

Four days after suffering a transverse process fracture in his back, Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr surprisingly practiced on Thursday.

O’Brien hesitated in investing fully in that from Day 1. He’s all-in now. So far, Watson is proving he deserves to be where he is.

For O’Brien and the Texans, better late than never. Much better.

With Watson growing with this contending team and this coach, the Texans are one of many deeply intriguing 2-2 teams careening around the NFL. The Patriots and Cowboys are a “huh?” 2-2; the Texans are more “hmmmm.”

Sunday’s 57-14 final score, the highest total in Texans history, didn’t tell the whole story. Neither did Watson’s ridiculous numbers (307 combined yards, an NFL rookie record-tying five total touchdowns, 125.0 passer rating), nor did seeing him execute, make the right decisions and click with all the weapons that finally are being exploited. It was all a wonder to behold in full.

O’Brien himself sounded happier than he has in … weeks? Years? Even while reining in the exuberance by reminding all that the then-unbeaten Chiefs were next, he kept gushing Cheap Jerseys Bulk about Watson. And the theme he kept returning to was Watson’s mind — “smart” was repeated Cheap Jerseys Coupon Code often.

“He’s got a good mind, for a lot of things, not just football,” O’Brien said. “He’s an excellent kid, and he’s fun to coach.”

Volume and talent matter in a major way in fantasy football.

It’s a second straight game at London’s Wembley Stadium, and one that the Dolphins tried to have brought home to Miami after the hurricane postponed its opener. The Saints belatedly Cheap Jerseys Elite found their groove last week, albeit without much from Adrian Peterson again. The Dolphins misplaced their groove against the Jets, with their quarterback reverting to Bad Jay Cutler. The Saints’ defense is capable of getting the Dolphins offense healthy.

The Eagles did to the Giants last week what teams have done to the Chargers twice already, winning a game with a late kick. Philadelphia’s win was problematic in how it let a dead Giants offense spring back to life. A defense like that shouldn’t ruin Philip Rivers’ day the way the Chiefs did last week.

The Giants are back in the familiar position of seeing Odell Beckham Jr. be their only chance of scoring, while also being their chief irritant because of how he celebrates his scores. A no-win team in a no-win situation — not ideal. The Bucs clearly are not as good as they looked against the Bears, but not as bad as they did against the Vikings.

Fuller’s talent is apparent: He’s an exceptional vertical threat with his combination of size and speed, but he shouldn’t be pigeonholed as simply that. He hauled in a pair of touchdowns in Cheap Jerseys From China NHL his season debut in Week 4. With Watson at the control panels, this offense suddenly has me very intrigued in Houston.

Eric Dickerson signs 1-day contract to retire a member of the Los Angeles Rams

Eric Dickerson signed a one-day contract with the Los Angeles Rams on Tuesday to retire with the team. Yes, that Eric Dickerson.

Dickerson played the first four seasons of his career with the Rams, before splitting his 1987 season between the Colts and Rams. He then finished off with four seasons with the Colts, one with the Raiders, and a short stint with the Falcons in 1993. He had his best seasons with the Rams, where he set the rookie record for most yards in a season with 1,808, and most rushing yards in a season overall (2,105) in his second year.

Detroit’s scheme is a much better fit for Washington. I think he will thrive in it. He will have a lot more opportunities to rush the passer for the Lions as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up being the most impactful offseason addition for the Lions this year.

Washington should be able to play multiple positions in Detroit’s 3-4 scheme, but I’m most excited to see him as a left defensive end on early downs. After having to hold the point on double teams and two-gapping guards, jacking up tight ends one-on-one should be a piece of cake for him.

And let’s not forget that Ziggy Ansah should be lining up Cheap Rugby Jerseys opposite of him. Ansah is always going to attract a lot of attention. That means Cheap Spirit Jerseys Washington should see a lot of one-on-one opportunities at defensive end as well.

Khalil Mack had a great season — but he plays one position.

He never got around to being smart. Burfict kept on crushing opposing players and drawing personal fouls every step of the way. Even in practice, Burfict was a problem.

“There were more practice fights in Vontaze’s years than I’ve seen in (current coach) Todd Graham’s entire four years at ASU,” Chris Karpman of Sun Devil Source told the Press Enterprise in January. “I think in the first week after he’d been cleared academically as a freshman, he was in a fight every day of practice that following week.”

Sporting News dubbed Burfict “The Meanest Man in College Football” in 2011, but Erickson was forced to bench the linebacker a few times — sometimes unsuccessfully.

“I know one thing,” Oregon State coach Mike Riley told Sporting News. “Somebody is taking a blow every play (Burfict is) on the field.”

A 15-yard penalty was given to Adam “Pacman” Jones in the chaos that followed, and the Steelers hit a chip shot to win. Burfict was suspended three games for the hit that concussed Brown and knocked him out of the Steelers’ next playoff game.

Collins: Khalil Mack had a great season — but he plays one position. I’m all over the field. And he only had, what, 11 sacks, 5 forced fumbles and 1 touchdown? I’m making sacks, tackles for losses, forced fumbles and interceptions.

I had 89 carries for 1,200-plus yards as a senior, but I only played running back that one year. I just played it because my team wanted me to. When I got to high school, I was supposed to be a running back. But Eddie Lacy was our starter [at Louisiana’s Dutchtown High], so I wasn’t touching the ball. If things Texans Cheap Jerseys didn’t work out at Soccer Cheap Jerseys DB, yes, I would’ve been a running back in the NFL.

You might lose in a throw-off against Dan Marino and you might answer some questions wrong

The front seven will feature three new starters: DEs Stacey McGee (92) and Jonathan Allen (95), along with ILB Zach Brown (53). Safety D.J. Swearinger (36) is one potential impact newcomer in the lineup. Offensively, receivers Terrelle Pryor Sr. (11) and Josh Doctson (18) both have talent, but they’re still working on their rapport with Kirk Cousins (8). — John Keim

Four-fifths of the Eagles’ offensive line remains intact, and the newcomer — second-year guard Isaac Seumalo (73) — is highly regarded by the coaching staff. Half of the starting defensive line is different, with defensive tackle Tim Jernigan (93) and defensive end Vinny Curry (75) replacing Bennie Logan and Connor Barwin, who Raiders Cheap Jerseys moved on to different teams this offseason. — Tim McManus

A one-win team should have turnover, and the Browns Wholesale NHL Jerseys have plenty. There will be four new starters on defense, most notably first overall draft pick Myles Garrett (95) at right end. Offensively there will be a new starter at receiver, three new starters on the offensive line, a new tight end and, naturally, a new quarterback. With rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer (7) named the Week 1 starter, the Browns will have their 27th starter since 1999 and their fifth opening-day starter in the past five years. — Pat McManamon

According to NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, the Jets were making calls to potentially trade Richardson. A few days before the 2017 NFL draft, Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan told’s Connor Hughes that he wasn’t going to “speculate or comment on anything we’re doing.”

You might lose in a throw-off against Dan Marino and you might answer some questions wrong, but instead of the story making you do the challenge over, it keeps on trucking.