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The new Atlanta stadium’s 7 wildest features, from the roof to the field

The new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta opened on Aug. 26 for a preseason Atlanta Falcons game against the Arizona Cardinals. After that, the stadium’s major debut came with two big college games, Alabama-Florida State and Georgia Tech-Tennessee.

Along with being the home stadium to both the Falcons and Major League Soccer’s Atlanta United, the new digs will put on the Chick-fil-A Kickoff, the SEC Championship, the HBCU national championship, and the Peach Bowl each season.

One example was Wade having to listen to all the criticism of him during his football career. Athletes have to deal with the ongoing feedback from a fan base every day. The good, the bad and the absolutely terrible can reach and Cheap College Basketball Jerseys affect an athlete with a page view, a tweet, or a radio show.

Losing will inevitably be a byproduct of cutting ties with so many veterans, but the Jets are better set up to be winners in the future.

Is that tanking?

It depends on your definition. If all it takes are moves that push the team toward more losses than wins, then the Jets’ 2017 offseason would certainly seem to qualify. But those moves are about a whole lot more than Cheap Blue Jays Jerseys Darnold or any other top draft pick.

Their odds of repeating as a postseason squad fell after Ryan Tannehill was lost for the year after suffering an ACL injury in practice.

Jones saw 127 targets from Matt Ryan in 2016 and averaged almost 17 yards per grab

Johnson, 45, made his way into the world of wrestling in 1996 — three years after the UFC’s first event. Fourteen years later, he said he would have begun a career in mixed martial arts instead of wrestling had the sport been further along.

“My whole life I’ve been training short-area quickness, speed and explosion,” Anders said. “It all translates into mixed martial arts whether you’re throwing punches on your feet, or kicks, or wrestling. At the same time I was never training kicks or punches so I had to learn how to throw punches properly, and how to kick with proper technique. Now that I’ve got those techniques down, the power and explosion come into play.”

Those skills aren’t useful solely in football and MMA, though. Professional wrestling has also provided a path for the powerful and explosive.

Proven daily fantasy expert Al Zeidenfeld breaks down the top value plays at every position for Week 1 of the NFL season.

Jones saw 127 targets from Matt Ryan in 2016 and averaged almost 17 yards per grab (16.98). Give me Jones’ freakish talent and matchup Cheap Baseball Jerseys Kids ability versus a Bears’ secondary that is still trying to build an identity under John Fox. — Matt Bowen

For Cousins, dragging Washington back to the playoffs would be a clear indicator he’s worthy of the expensive long-term Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys contract his franchise has refused him for so long.

How do motions play a part in determining man-to-man or zone?

First, a motion is when a skill player (so not a lineman), starts in one spot, and moves laterally and/or back to a different location. Unlike the CFL, you’re not allowed to go forward in your motion before the snap. Some teams motion a whole bunch; others not often. A WR can motion all the way across the line of scrimmage. A back and/or tight end can motion from outside to the backfield and vice versa.

The motions are a great indictor for man or zone coverage. When a motion occurs, if the defender on that player follows him for the entire motion, it’s man coverage. If the defense just shifts players a bit, it’s zone coverage. And nothing works better for this than an RB or TE motion from inside out.

Cutler knows Miami’s offense from his time working with head coach Adam Gase as his offensive coordinator in Chicago. He looked comfortable and confident, especially on this 72-yard pass to DeVante Parker:

Technically the quarterback situation hasn’t been settled in Miami. Moore is still up for the job in theory. But after the Dolphins paid Cutler $13 million to delay his broadcasting career and return to football, it seemed obvious what direction the team was going to go. Cutler’s performance on Buy Cheap Jerseys Online Thursday solidified it.

It’s preseason, so it doesn’t matter that much. But there were a ton of interceptions on Thursday night. That’s fun for all of us watching, and Cheap Atlanta Braves Jerseys it’s less fun for the quarterbacks involved.

All of those things are fine for Ball on the court, but it’s an odd look off of it.

Right or wrong, people who watched him last night and people who are waking up to Ball’s performance are talking about how he did it in Nikes.

Lonzo Ball is under a microscope, thanks largely to his outspoken father. People will talk about whatever he says or does, and they’ll always talk about the Big Baller Brand. That can be a great thing — as long as he’s wearing the ZO2.

When he’s not, people will say he made the wrong decision by moving independently instead of with an established brand. And it becomes even more of an issue when he’s wears one of those rival brands. .

Ball will sport the ZO2s again. He’ll have big performances in them on a higher stage. But at least until his next big game, people are going to talk about how he should have signed with Nike.

Greg Monroe is an option there for the Knicks and he’s on an expiring deal. Rose is looking for a solid eight-figure deal at this point, and at the going rate for point guards this offseason, he’s right to do so. The only question for the Bucks is whether he’s worth the hassle in giving up some of their depth moving forward.

The basketball fit in Milwaukee makes no sense. Dellavedova struggled with his health last season, but they’re still paying him and he can be productive when he Cheap Vintage Jerseys plays. Brogdon will be their starter moving forward and is a great fit next to Giannis Antetokounmpo. Rose can’t shoot and would take possessions away from their best player.

This is about money and all parties involved Cheap USA Soccer Jerseys know it. The only question is whether Rose can play his cards right.

Leonsis is probably right — the designated veteran player extension should do its job here.

“Whatever I do, I do it for the city of D.C. I do so much in the community. If it wasn’t for the love of that, I wouldn’t do it. It’s just about sitting back, weighing my options and knowing where I want to be for another 8 to 10 years. Basically for my whole career. That’s all I’m doing.”
So why hasn’t he signed yet? It’s smart for Wall to take his time and make sure the Wizards do productive things in the offseason, like make improvements to the bench and retain Otto Porter. He also made a last-ditch push to recruit Paul George in Washington, but that was always a long shot.

Ultimately, though, the Wizards’ inability to acquire another star to join Wall, Porter, and Bradley Beal shouldn’t any bearing on Wall’s decision. The Wizards had a solid team last year and should have a solid team this year in a weakened Eastern Conference.

Leonsis is probably right — the designated veteran player extension should do its job here. It’s difficult to see Wall passing up being paid handsomely to play in a place he loves to be.

Even though he shot less than 40 percent from the field and from deep, Williams connected on 10 of 11 of his free-throw attempts and snagged six rebounds. It’s nice to see Williams score at will and make opposing defenses look foolish. He’s Cheap Texas Rangers Jerseys only 22 years old, so he’s only going to get better from here.

Jamil Wilson (SF, Clippers)
Wilson did a great job of stuffing the stat sheet in the Clippers’ 100-93 win against the Milwaukee Bucks. He poured in 18 points, eight rebounds, and eight Cheap UK Basketball Jerseys assists. Wilson made 50 percent of his three-point shots and didn’t hesitate to drive to the hoop, too.

The Celtics won the No. 1 seed last year

Boston wanted Paul George this summer, too, until Oklahoma City beat them to him. But they still boast an interchangeable assortment of wings that they can stick on any opponent. Crowder, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and now Hayward is a foursome that plays both ways and can wear down anyone on either side of the ball.

The Celtics won the No. 1 seed last year, though the Wizards still took them to seven games in the Eastern Conference semifinals. But teams like Washington and Toronto are probably behind them now. Boston has one true competitor, and it’s LeBron James in Cleveland.

Hayward alone probably isn’t enough to topple LeBron, at least not this season. The Celtics were defeated rather decisively in five games in the East finals, after all.

But Hayward’s addition pushes Boston slightly closer than before, and they still have assets galore that they can cash in on if another star becomes available. Boston is certainly a contender to make the Finals out of the East and should be the favorites to win it in the regular season with Cleveland coasting. That’s more than they MLB Baseball Jerseys could realistically say before.

Caldwell-Pope is a victim of restricted free agency. He was Cheap Vintage Hockey Jerseys a restricted free agent up until the Pistons pulled his qualifying offer. But they did so after several teams already dedicated their cap space elsewhere. Now, Pope looks for a new home and a hefty payday.

Caldwell-Pope is a promising perimeter defender and has shown flashes of marksman-like accuracy amid his inconsistent shooting. A team that gets and develops the 24-year-old guard could be a big winner down the road.

Blake Griffin’s first-ever Instagram story was an epic film for the ages

But Blake Griffin, in his Instagram story debut, decided he was going to push the boundaries of what a famous athlete can do with a short IG story — his first ever attempt is stunning, a provocative work of art that takes the expectations we have about the medium and turns them on their head

It starts simple enough — elegant, but still pretty predictable for a Instagram story. But that’s only to lull you into a false sense of security about what’s to come… including this next scene.

The Pacers waived Monta Ellis to free up space. The Warriors signed Nick Young. The Jazz began talking to the Celtics about perhaps turning the Hayward signing into a sign-and-trade for Jae Crowder. Wait —

Cavaliers franchise owner Dan Gilbert dismissed his respected, LeBron-approved GM David Griffin just before the draft. Gilbert’s grand plan: hire Chauncey Billups to run the front office as president of basketball operations. A perhaps weak part of that plan: lowball the holy Hades out of Billups. Shelburne and Spears reports Gilbert offered about $1.5 million per year at first, bumping it to $2 million, or 50 percent of what most folks in that position make, once Billups declined. Billups this week declined to stay Manchester United Cheap Jerseys with ESPN and play in the BIG3. “Nice work, Dan Gilbert,” he said NHL Cheap Jerseys sarcastically.

Superstar basketball players with uncommon names sparking huge adoption of said name has always been fascinating to me. As such, I’m very into this story on the generation of kids named after Shaq from Alex Prewitt.

Tim Tebow is a better pro baseball player than Michael Jordan was

More than 99 percent of minor league baseball players can be put into one of three buckets. Some are real prospects with a chance at one day hacking it in the majors. Other players are organizational roster fillers — “org guys,” as scouts might call them — with no real hope of a big league career. Others are what you might call Quad-A players who spend their time shuttling between the bigs and AAA.

There’s a fourth bucket: athletes from other sports who try to make the mid-career switch from some other sport to baseball. I want to talk about two of those players.

But even if Ball’s stats are inflated by poor competition, his NFL Cheap Jerseys Nike presence isn’t. People are showing up to games to watch him regardless of the competition. He keeps them in their seats.

There’s always a risk when a company makes a long-term investment. But NFL Jerseys Free Shipping when thinking of risks, you also have to think of rewards that come with success. Nike would remain on top of the game with one of the most popular rookies in the league in its stable in Ball. Adidas and Under Armour would get another potential star to bite a larger chunk of the overall basketball discussion from Nike.

They could continue to seek a co-branding deal with one of the three companies. That was their first goal before they were turned away by all three, and it’s still hard to imagine any brand agreeing to such an arrangement for a rookie. But after seeing what Ball can do on the next level, albeit against weak competition, the Ball family has a bit more leverage.

This has been a mess for them.

First, Sanchez only has 13 home runs! He missed three weeks of in April with a strained biceps, which makes his 13-homer total all the more impressive.

That Sanchez is a Yankee surely helps his status and popularity. That is without question. But really, the only reason we all know about Sanchez IS BECAUSE HE HIT A BUNCH OF HOME RUNS.

Let’s remember last year, when Sanchez joined the Yankees on Aug. 3, and all he did was hit 20 home runs in 52 games.

From last year’s All-Star break to present, Sanchez has 34 home runs in 450 plate appearances. Morrison has 28 home runs in 416 PA.

Sanchez tied a major league record for reaching 20 career home runs faster than anybody. That mark has since been broken by Los Angeles Dodgers rookie Cody Bellinger, who was invited to this year’s Home Run Derby.

Prospects, certainly. But, also, peace of mind. This has been a mess for them.

The A’s philosophy hearkens back to the old Branch Rickey quote, which is roughly “Better to trade a player a year too early than a year too late.” Trading their best players with years of team control is how they got Dan Haren for Mark Mulder, and it’s how they got Carlos Gonzalez and Brett Anderson for Haren.

Then they traded Anderson for Drew Pomeranz, whom they traded for Cheap Team Basketball Jerseys Yonder Alonso, who will bring back a prospect or three this deadline. This trade chain will live forever, and the point is that it’s an organizational philosophy to look the future, cheap seasons of a good player as Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale something that enhances the value for another team, not the A’s.

Greg Bird hasn’t had much time to play this year while dealing with injuries

The Yankees have seen their first basemen hit .208/.295/.391 in 2017, good for a positionally adjusted OPS+ of 64. In layman’s terms: They are bad at first base. The Yankees recently cut loose Chris Carter, but Carter has led the club in playing time at first, and batted .201/.284/.370 in the process. This is probably a good time to remind you that the thing Carter usually does well is hit, and he has to, because he’s one of the worst defensive players in baseball.

Greg Bird hasn’t had much time to play this year while dealing with injuries, and now the 24-year-old first baseman will miss the rest of 2017 recovering from ankle surgery. So, with Carter out of the picture and Bird not coming back to save the day, there’s a void for Alonso to fill whether he’s the version of himself that crushes baseballs or just the one that doesn’t embarrass himself or his team at the plate or in the field.

The Yankees are giving up too much offense as a team, as they’re also struggling to produce at third base (where Chase Headley and Friends have been significantly worse than average) and in center field whenever Jacoby Ellsbury is the one patrolling it. Getting Alonso to stop the bleeding at first would go a long way toward rectifying that, and also help the Yankees move past losing Michael Pineda in their rotation for the rest of 2017.

Another option for the Red Sox’s infield woes is Giants standout Cheap Jarome Iginla Jerseys Eduardo Nu?ez, and while the reports of that possible deal might be a smoke screen for Cheap Jerseys And Snapbacks another potential trade with another team, he would still very much make sense in Boston. Cleveland reportedly has an eye on him as well.