Volume and talent matter in a major way in fantasy football.

It’s a second straight game at London’s Wembley Stadium, and one that the Dolphins tried to have brought home to Miami after the hurricane postponed its opener. The Saints belatedly Cheap Jerseys Elite found their groove last week, albeit without much from Adrian Peterson again. The Dolphins misplaced their groove against the Jets, with their quarterback reverting to Bad Jay Cutler. The Saints’ defense is capable of getting the Dolphins offense healthy.

The Eagles did to the Giants last week what teams have done to the Chargers twice already, winning a game with a late kick. Philadelphia’s win was problematic in how it let a dead Giants offense spring back to life. A defense like that shouldn’t ruin Philip Rivers’ day the way the Chiefs did last week.

The Giants are back in the familiar position of seeing Odell Beckham Jr. be their only chance of scoring, while also being their chief irritant because of how he celebrates his scores. A no-win team in a no-win situation — not ideal. The Bucs clearly are not as good as they looked against the Bears, but not as bad as they did against the Vikings.

Fuller’s talent is apparent: He’s an exceptional vertical threat with his combination of size and speed, but he shouldn’t be pigeonholed as simply that. He hauled in a pair of touchdowns in Cheap Jerseys From China NHL his season debut in Week 4. With Watson at the control panels, this offense suddenly has me very intrigued in Houston.

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