The Celtics won the No. 1 seed last year

Boston wanted Paul George this summer, too, until Oklahoma City beat them to him. But they still boast an interchangeable assortment of wings that they can stick on any opponent. Crowder, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and now Hayward is a foursome that plays both ways and can wear down anyone on either side of the ball.

The Celtics won the No. 1 seed last year, though the Wizards still took them to seven games in the Eastern Conference semifinals. But teams like Washington and Toronto are probably behind them now. Boston has one true competitor, and it’s LeBron James in Cleveland.

Hayward alone probably isn’t enough to topple LeBron, at least not this season. The Celtics were defeated rather decisively in five games in the East finals, after all.

But Hayward’s addition pushes Boston slightly closer than before, and they still have assets galore that they can cash in on if another star becomes available. Boston is certainly a contender to make the Finals out of the East and should be the favorites to win it in the regular season with Cleveland coasting. That’s more than they MLB Baseball Jerseys could realistically say before.

Caldwell-Pope is a victim of restricted free agency. He was Cheap Vintage Hockey Jerseys a restricted free agent up until the Pistons pulled his qualifying offer. But they did so after several teams already dedicated their cap space elsewhere. Now, Pope looks for a new home and a hefty payday.

Caldwell-Pope is a promising perimeter defender and has shown flashes of marksman-like accuracy amid his inconsistent shooting. A team that gets and develops the 24-year-old guard could be a big winner down the road.

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